BrickArms from my personal collection.


The walking dead still roam the earth, so make sure your figs are prepared with the BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack 2011, the ultimate kit for the minifig zombie apocalypse! With a variety of weaponry all proven to the most effective in combating zombies, the BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack 2011 is what your figs need to survive!" 


Includes the following accessories:


- Tan Cricket Bat

- Brown Baseball Bat

- Black Machete

- Black Cricket Bat

- Gunmetal Tactical PDW

- Black M1A1 SMG

- Gunmetal HCSR

- Black Sawed-Off Shotgun

- Gunmetal Apoc SMG

- Gunmetal Precision Sniper Rifle

- Black Stg44

- Black M1919 Pistol

- Black Combat Shotgun

- Gunmetal Combat SMG

- Black RPG

- Black Combat LMG

- Black Navy Revolver

- Gunmetal AC8

- Black M1911 Pistol

- Black Tactical M47 Shotgun

- Black M1 Carbine

- 4 Gunmetal Combat Knives

- 4 Gunmetal Ammo Clips

- 4 Black Combat Knives

- 4 Black Micro SMGs

- Black Longslide Pistol

- Hand-painted custom Zombie Head by Justin Pratt!

Zombie Defense 2011

SKU: C000462 U2F1