BrickArms from my personal collection.

These Mystery Packs from 2011 are still sealed.


What incredible exclusives and rare BrickArms accessories can be found in the BrickArms Mystery Pack? You’ll have to open one up to find out! Each pack contains 13 accessories, and examples of what you might find include:


- Camo Printed Accessories

- Headgear in Rare and Exclusive Colors

- Trans Red

- Trans Yellow

- Trans Blue

- Trans Clear 

- Electroplated Chrome Items

- Bright Army Green

- White

- Bronze

- Brown

- Silver

- Mystery Metallic or Mystery Trans


An added thrill to the Mystery Pack – 1:20 packs contains a 24kt Gold Plated BrickArms weapon! 

Mystery Pack Volume 1

SKU: C000459 U2F1