BrickArms from my personal collection.


Now your green army men minifigs can rule the sandbox with the BrickArms Army Men Pack! 

Including a variety of BrickArms in a green colour that will perfectly match your figs, 

this pack is a must-have for anyone looking to equip their army men with the accessories they need to carry the day! 


1x BAR Rifle

1x M4 w/ U-Clip & M203 Grenade Launcher  

1x M1 Garand

1x M21 Sniper Rifle

4x Ammo Clips

2x Combat Knives

1x M1 Carbine

1x M1911 Handgun

1x M1A1 SMG

1x M1917 Revolver

1x Machete

1x Sawn-off Shotgun

1x Combat Shotgun

1x MGL

1x Bazooka

4x M6 Rockets

Army Men Weapons Pack

SKU: C000283 U2F1