Spy Bond

All Brickarms minifigs are limited to the parts being available to make the fig. This puts a limitation on availability to Minifigforlife.com, however feel free to place them in your basket and we will do our best to obtain them for you.

Spy Bond is ready for any mission you have in mind. With his Micro SMG cleverly concealed within an unassuming briefcase, Spy Bond expects the unexpected.

Black Minifig w/custom printed torso decal with color and metallics inks.
Black BrickArms Silenced Spy Pistol
Brown Briefcase with hidden modified BrickArms Mirco SMG and spare magazine

NOTE: The custom decal is sealed to resist scratching, but it is not impervious!
While the minifig will withstand light play, it is intended to be displayed.

Minifigforlife price: £10.50

This product is no longer available